You may have noticed…

In my excitement towards the launch I have been testing. editing, tweaking my first post…I am just eager to share my journey with you!

Anyway, The Rethinkers community is gathering pace. I’d like to welcome you if you have recently joined! If  you haven’t yet, claim your space here by leaving a thoughtful comment.

A bit more than a week before the official launch so we’ve got time to get  acquainted. As I’ve got the mic…so to speak… I guess I’ll go first.

I’m Ruddy (pronounce “Rudi”) Fiano  but I prefer to go by Rudiano. Much simpler, right? I’m a creativity addict and a lover of languages (I also speak French, Creole, Spanish, and a little bit of several others) In my time I’ve been a cartoonist, dancer, recording artist, and lately a blogger and aspiring writer (Of course I left out the less glamorous bits like cleaner, waiter, delivery driver, office worker…Wouldn’t you?) It feels I’ve lived 1000 lives already (Don’t let the baby face fool you). But that gives me some reflection fodder.

Rethink Entrepreneur is my way of levelling up from my old blog RRR (started in 2010) where I explored entrepreneurship, but also anything else that happened to be on my mind at the time. Well, I did call it “Rudiano’s Random Ramblings“! But I finally accepted the fact that

Being focused is better than being scattered

So here we are. Your turn!

What is your background? What are your aspirations?

I’m all ears…or eyes!

Reflect, Redefine, Rise!


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