3 reasons why you should journal this year

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

This was my least favourite question in job interviews a while back.

I felt like my answers were phoney because whatever I set out to do never seem to materialise. I was still figuring out this messy thing called life and was mainly reacting to it.

But then I matured somewhat…and accidentally discovered the power of journaling.

Journaling is therapeutic

It started as an urge to write. My creative side felt stifled in my stressful and mundane job so I found myself compulsively collecting notebooks, then writing 3 first drafts (3 novels on the go) but making the most progress on my journal.

I found that writing down what was troubling me helped reduce my stress.

Journaling is a reflective tool

When I journal, it invariably makes my thoughts clearer. What seems at first like a situation that I can’t disentangle becomes easier to manage, once I’ve committed it to writing. I can see clearly the constituent parts when they’re on paper, as opposed to in my head.

Journaling helps track progress

It’s thanks to journaling that I can get out of automatic pilot and grow, as I explain in the video here

However the last 2 years, I have gone up a level in my journaling

I document how I do in areas such as relationships, finance, business, growth, spirituality and set some goals. I mark myself out of 10 in each area and set out to improve.

The good thing is that journaling helps me to remember the little wins. These normally get ticked, forgotten and I obsess about bigger ones.

So I’m celebrating those wins.

A big win for me though is the recent creation of Rethink Academy.

But tell me, what are you struggling with right now that I can explore for you?

Take the survey!


Reflecting, redefining and rising!



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