Which port?

There’s a sea of opportunities out there. If you’re an explorer type like me, you’re no stranger to getting lost on different shores or different passion projects, on purpose. Cos it’s fun. It’s an adventure. For a long time, this was my jam.

Unsurprisingly, this resulted in a lot of going in circles, rarely finishing whatever I started.
What may surprise you is that I didn’t even realise how much time I was squandering this way, until I started journaling. Only then did I plainly see this pattern unfolding in my life: a lot of activity but nothing to show for it.

Obviously, I had to decide to add some method to the madness.

One port at a time.

The good thing with having multiple passion projects is that you don’t really have to settle on one all your life. Just settle for one at a time.

I now give my full attention to my projects for a decent amount of time (at least a year) before jumping to the next.

For example, I blogged regularly this year, weekly for the most part.

I resisted my itchy feet until now. Now I’m giving in. I’m embarking on the next: music. It’s my art of choice so ideally, I can keep this one going for as long as I live.

But for now, I’m releasing one song a month. I’ve already started.
A year is good as it helps to foster then see progress. I can fully immerse myself in the project and give it my all. Then we’ll evaluate.


Little anecdote: while I’m fully immersed in my music, I’ve had instances where I have come up with new melodies in my sleep. It’s happened again this week. I got a new song delivered from heaven! This is the power of going all out. Your subconscious continues to work even if you have consciously stopped.

Granted, I didn’t dream about blogging ideas. Can’t rely entirely on dreams 😅. But blogging consistently is an experience that I think helped me hone my style a bit more. I saw some progress. And I intend to keep blogging, monthly instead of weekly.

What about you? What port are you choosing to sail towards? How long do you plan to devote to the journey? Do you ever come up with ideas in your dreams?

Reflect, redefine, rise !


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