How to turbocharge yourself in 3 steps

Do you relate? Your company has gained new clients, with their different quirks and demands you are trying to get to grips with. There’s also new staff to train. Workload seems to have doubled. Morale at the office is at an all time low.

That’s where I was at a few years back. Snowed under, my environment out of control, feeling helpless. I had to level up, turbocharge myself.

One thing helped me: taking control.

How could I be in any sort of control in an out of control environment, you ask? Well, I still had control over my brain and what I allowed it to focus on.

I still have a choice

I can get disheartened or frustrated by any interruption,  rant by my over-worked colleague or choose to focus on my work.

Let me make a confession here: Environment has a big impact on me. I don’t naturally shut it off. A negative environment naturally gets to me. But I learned how to reverse that and turn into a productivity powerhouse.  I feel like I learned how to turbo charge my life that month.

Start each day as if on purpose

I love this quote in Hitch. Alex Hitchens’ words are nuggets of wisdom.

The way you start the day has a big influence on what follows.

When I look back to that time I mentioned at the outset and how I managed,  It boils down to 3 things I did. Here they are.

Feeding my mind positive information

Each day, I watched a motivational,  educational video. I came across a playlist on Youtube called the course in Mastery. It’s a 30-day course, each video lasting only 10 to 15 minutes. But the compound effect of watching them each day built up very quickly.  Since then, I have compiled my own 30-day course that I’m refining regularly.

It’s possible

One particular video that marked me is this one by Les Brown.  “It’s possible”. Its a mantra that I adopted to replace my disheartened default setting. Belief has tremendous power. It worked.

Each time I was facing an obstacle,  I remembered it was possible for me to smash through it. I didn’t let myself drift away. I dealt with distractions and made it a point to get back in focus quickly. I looked at it as a challenge instead of a nuisance.

Setting my agenda for the day

I noticed that when I didnt,  my default mode was being passive, open to other people’s agendas and affairs of the day that did not contribute to my bottom line.

I was then very likely to end my day with the thought ” What the heck have I done?!”

Your agenda will have your objectives for the day, how much time it will take to achieve each one so you have a framework to work with and you can stay on point throughout the day, despite the challenges. At the end of each day, review what’s worked, what hasn’t and re-adjust. Set your agenda for the next day.

If you don’t set your agenda each day, you are opening yourself to other people’s agendas instead

Exercising each day

The last thing that helped my brain, was exercise. My commute to work was a 30-minute walk. It helped me spend the time watching the video, then on my way back, listen to the bible (I listened to the whole Greek scriptures in a month) but in hindsight, as I posted before, the daily exercise helped my brain to engage and perform better. Many productive and successful entrepreneurs have this in common: they exercise regularly.  At least 3 times a week. These days my exercise tends to be alternating between doing 100 press ups and weight training. But it needn’t be exhausting. Start small but be consistent.

Many productive and successful entrepreneurs exercise regularly

I go into more details about how I Turbo-charged my life in this e-book.

Do you start each day as if on purpose? What does that look like for you?

Drop a comment!

P.S: here are the links to the resources in this post again.

The course in Mastery

My 30-day motivational course

How to turbocharge your life, my ebook.

Reflect,  Redefine Rise


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