The Renaissance ideal – Pragmatism

In my previous post, I’ve explained the origins of my fascination for the Renaissance ideal and why creativity could benefit from its pluridisciplinary approach.

But there’s another aspect that I admire, embodied by 2 geniuses of that period.

Galileo Galilei

He was an academic, accomplished in a variety of ways, as you would expect: poetry, music, medicine, mathematics, astronomy. He even was a lecturer and a writer. But he didn’t pursue knowledge just for the sake of it.

He tested, experimented, and sought practical application to his findings. He came up with a few inventions, one of which is the telescope.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Painter, writer, architect, scientist, visionary but again, he sought real world applications for his talents. He was also an engineer, a designer, the first to come up with detailed anatomy drawings, among other things.

There shall be wings! If the accomplishment be not for me, ’tis for some other.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Both Galileo and Leonardo examplify what I aspire to do with whatever art I pursue: aesthetics as well as application in the real world i.e pragmatism. Art for art’s sake is not enough for me.

The Renaissance man tackled real-world problems and offered solutions. They chased ideals and beauty, so in that sense were dreamers. But they also had their feet firmly on the ground.

Yes, I do want to provide some enjoyable diversion with my art. But I also want to elicit deeper emotions, whether they are inspiration or some sort of revelation

I’m trying to emulate the essence of the Renaissance ideal: head in the clouds but grounded when necessary.

The aim is to seek deeper truths.

That’s another reason why I still haven’t finished my novel.

The project is in gestation while I gather more scientific and literary knowledge.

I aim to bring a labour of love to life, not slapdash work.

Am I wrong ?

Reflect, Redefine, Rise!


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