The one rule to getting results

If you are working hard but not getting the results you want, it may be that you are not following this one rule I share in this post.

The problem with life

Life is random. If we let it, it discourages us to succeed because there is no script it follows. If we just respond to events that occur in life reactively instead of proactively, it will lead us everywhere but where we need to be.

The challenges and distractions it throws at us may make us become scattered in our life. And that is a big problem.

People who have built great businesses have done so because they  have Followed One Course Until Successful .

Author, researcher and entrepreneur Richard St John gives examples in this Ted-Ed lesson

The one rule to follow


In this day and age, focus has become a rare skill. How long do you stay focused on one task without checking your phone, your email, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or other distractions? Do you know how much time this costs you and your business?

You would be surprised.

The shocking truth

It can take 5-15 minutes to become fully engaged in a task , depending on its complexity and how much/little we enjoy said task. So imagine that you are facing this particular task that you don’t enjoy at all, but that should take an hour.

You muster the courage to start on it. But just allowing yourself to be distracted 3 times might add another 45 minutes to you completing the task!

Publisher and Editor Darren Hardy advocates practicing the 90 minute focus. It may not happen the first times you try but when you eventally manage to do 90 minutes of uninterrupted work, you would have done more in a day than the majority of CEO’s!

That is the power of focus.

Why not try it this week!

Reflect, Redefine, Rise


P. S: Didn’t score 25 out of 25 on the quiz? Read my other posts in the “Myth busting” category and see where you fell down.

Then take the quiz again!

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