The myth of positive thinking debunked

Say what?

“How could I write such nonsense?”  I hear you questionning.

Bear with me. Let me explain.

I am not saying that positive thinking (or negative for that matter) doesn’t affect your actions, life or results. Far from it. It definitely matters how you think.

Trevor Maber illustrates this well in this Ted-ed clip.

What I mean is there has been an excessive focus on positive thinking out there at the expense of the other side of the equation, which is even more crucial : action.

You can talk the talk all you please but only when you walk your talk will you really make progress. You have to DO in order to achieve the goals you have set yourself, especially if they stretch you.

Yes it is crucial to feed your brain with positive information in order to level up in your life. But dreaming about reaching your goals will not get you there. If you believe in the law of attraction, notice that the word “action” is within it.

That means that no amount of thinking, education or inspiration can replace the doing.

You may well need help to fuel your actions. You may seek out inspiration, motivation, information, but don’t be a mere consumer, be a producer.

Sassy business icon Marie Forleo explains it in an entertaining way here with what she coined the “C:C ratio”.

Think about it, the only people who benefit from you being an avid consumer are the ones who produce what you consume. Would it not be better to become more of a producer than a consumer?

Otherwise, you will always want to consume more. Then you will forget what you have learned, and you will be stuck in that loop ad vitam aeternam, with little or no results.

The goals you have set for yourself need you to think positively, strategically but most importantly, they need you to act sooner rather than later.

So go get them, tiger (or tigress)

To read about the silver bullet myth, take the quiz and I’ll send you the link.

Reflect, Redefine, Rise!


P. S: Didn’t score 25 out of 25 on the quiz? Read my other posts in the “Myth busting” category and see where you fell down.

Then take the quiz again!

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