The huge capital myth (and 21 online biz ideas)

Two of your friends get together and you thought they never liked each other. Somebody gets promoted and you thought management saw them as disruptive. Someone you know always seems to turn everything  s/he touches into a success, even with little education or prior experience.

Do you sometimes feel you’ve been missing something,  or is it just me?

There’s something else that is happening under everybody’s nose. A wind of change, heck, a hurricane!

The entrepreneur revolution.


Once upon a time, to start a business, you would invariably need a stash to start you up, have an office and all the over-heads that implies, stock, maybe staff.

A website was a luxury addition that would cost you thousands.

But nowadays, you can start a business from your bedroom, with little or no money…Thanks to the Internet,  you don’t need an office, stock, staff, or a huge investment. In fact, you can be in business for free if you want to.

You could exchange your brick and mortar office with an online one. Or you could start an online business.

21 online business ideas for the 21st century


Here are just a few business ideas that you could start with ZERO money, online.

  1. Logo design
  2. Copy writing
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Translation
  5. Personal coaching
  6. Proof reading /editing
  7. Web design
  8. Voice over narration
  9. Social media marketing
  10. Jingle writing
  11. Picture editing
  12. Ghostwriting/niche copywriting
  13. SEO services
  14. Online video editing
  15. Domain name brokerage
  16. Guest blogging
  17. Direct online sales
  18. Transcription services
  19. Virtual assistant
  20. WordPress problem fixing
  21. Book cover design

This list is obviously non exhaustive.

The beauty is that to start any of those, you just need a laptop/pc and an internet connection.  You can invest in a website to showcase, market and sell your offer if you really want to (and that could cost you as little as 15 quid to set up, including logo design) but you can sign up on any free platform.  There’s (my favourite), and others.

You can use social media to advertise your offer. For free.

Some have turned their services into a career. All you need is the right offer. Why not experiment?

You have nothing to lose!


Reflect,  Redefine,  Rise!



P. S: Didn’t score 25 out of 25 on the quiz? Read my other posts in the “Myth busting” category and see where you fell down.

Then take the quiz again!

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