Does the teacher appear when the student is ready?


There are clever marketers who search for what people want and then give it to them. They look on Google Insights, Google trends, amazon etc… find a profitable niche and hey presto! They become self-proclaimed gurus overnight.

So in fact, teachers do appear. But they might not be the best teachers with the best concepts. They might be in it for a quick buck so their content may look and taste appealing but, like cheap wine, it hasn’t matured long enough to be of the utmost quality. It hasn’t stood the test of time and proved its worth.

And no!

At other times the teacher appears in the sense that s/he suddenly becomes visible because we are NOW looking in his/her direction. Maybe because we are NOW searching their area of expertise and stumble across them. That’s the main idea in this vlog.

The unpaid teacher

But my epiphany is that there is a teacher that is always there: life.

We’re not necessarily ready when it starts teaching us. We don’t wake up one day and ask for a nice plate of adversity.

But that’s what we are dished out every so often. Sometimes unforeseen consequence of a decision -whether ours or someone else’s- throws us off. We realise something new about people and situations that we hadn’t previously factored in.

Suddenly we have a choice: fight or flight. Fight and a growth spurt is induced. Choosing flight may stunt our growth and possibly others around us.

So when adversity springs up, here are 3 questions worth pondering:


  1. How can overcoming this benefit me and those around me?
  2. What quality, skill or knowledge is this challenge requiring me to gain?
  3. Where can I go get it?


This would give the challenge a more positive meaning and we will be more likely to rise to it than resent it!

Makes sense?

Let me know in the comments below!

Reflect, redefine, rise!




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