Beat shiny object syndrome in 3 steps

The double edge sword of the information age:

Never has it been so easy to access data on just about everything under the sun. On the flipside never has it been so difficult to distinguish the fine wine from the substandard,  the substance from the  fluff , let alone to choose from countless viable options.

Do you want to lose weight? This is a billion dollar industry so you can expect thousands or options. Want to start a business? There are as many ideas from equally convincing parties. Want to grow a business? There again, there is an onslaught of advice, tips and tricks coming onto the market all the time.

Of course, a little research goes a long way to find the right option for you. Your gut feeling might not be enough. This is why I vlogged this.

1) You may like the idea. But do your research.

How long has it been around? What’s the proof that it works ? Does it imply that no hard work is involved? Does it sound easy? Or are you just struck by the idea’s beauty, in other words you are falling prey to the shiny object syndrome?

2) Do you still feel comfortable with the idea even after research?

Because if you don’t, your efforts to make it work will be half hearted. Your results will suffer too.

This is what I experienced when working for a charity a few years back. The romantic side of me was elated to do something that actually contributes to the greater good, instead of joining a purely commercial establishment.  But when I saw the sly tactics that were allowed to achieve the worthy goal,  the elation turned into disappointment therefore I couldn’t make it work. I didn’t feel at ease.

Get insights from someone in the inside if you can.

3) Is it right for you, personally?

Now you may have different options that are all viable after scrutiny.

Don’t fall into the trap of going with the one that is more flamboyant or active in seeking you, pressing you for a quick answer. Go with the one that speaks to you deep inside, the one you are most aligned with.

Like a friend. Which one do you feel most likely to hang out with? Results aren’t all that matter. The what and the how are as important.

There you are!

Look out for my next post on Wednesday.  I’m gonna be doing Nanowrimo so I will be off the grid for a while, but beforehand,  I’ll be sharing most of the productivity insights I’ve had so far, on here.

Catch you then!

Reflect,  Redefine,  Rise


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