The secret is that there is no secret…Or is there?


Have you got a problem? Whether it be a stain on your shirt, dandruff, heart burn, a weight problem, a bad habit you want to break, here’s the thing:

If a product really IS the solution, is there really a need for a NEW AND IMPROVED version ?

I can guarantee you that there will always be a new product advertised as better than the previous version. It will be presented as the pinnacle of inventions, because the designer has finally cracked the code, found the secret ingredient, the panacea. But if each product really IS the solution, why is there always a need for a NEW AND IMPROVED one ?

Maybe it’s because it has transpired that the “solution” hasn’t really solved the problem? Sometimes our shiny object syndrome is taken advantage of. I wrote about this syndrome of our times here.

I fall prey to the same thing when my attention is grabbed by an intriguing title in a video or a blog! Did you start reading this because you were intrigued? Haha! Gotcha.

The term “secrets” is overused nowadays

In the vlog below I explain how I feel that the term “secrets” draws us in but misleads us and confuses us when it it comes to content we read and watch online.I also share a tip to separate the substance from the fluff. Watch it and share your perspective too !


Don’t forget to share your perspective on these “secrets” in the comments below!

Reflect, redefine, rise!







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