A pep talk with a twist

Apparently we are completely renewed on a cellular level every 7 to 10 years.

Have you ever felt as if your mind undergoes the same process?

I mean in the last decade or so, (I’m still quite young 🤔😆) I’ve experienced this mental urge to pull myself by the ear, give myself a bit of a kick in the back side, tell myself off for having cruised along and not effected the change I had promised myself I would do.

“Time waits for no man” my mind shouts. “Now you have to play catch up. AGAIN!”

I hear the pep talk. But it normally gradually fades away in life’s noise.


So this time I have decided to help the process: Ask some soul-searching questions.

Maybe this can help you too if you find that you need a pep talk on steroids.

I’m gonna be a bit morbid but bear with me. Here goes.

  • On your deathbed, what regrets do you definitely not want to have?
  • Or which one of your 5 senses would you miss the most if you lost them? Why
  • Who or what would you miss the most? Why?


Is there a pattern? Someone or some goal? or the combination thereof?

These answers reveal what really matters to you.

Could it be that the other goals that you have been chasing are a distraction to what you should really go for?

Here’s the thing: right now, you and I are alive, in possession of our faculties and senses. This is a privilege we could lose overnight.

So while we have them, why waste them?

Let’s not.

Let’s focus our energies on the right things.

It’s time to re-adjust course.Time to reflect, to re-define, then to rise!




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