Nature lesson 4: Aim for beautiful and useful

Nature has an amazing knack for combining the beautiful and the useful in one creation. I think it’s a pattern that is worthy of imitation.

Creation blesses our senses with aesthetically pleasing experiences.
Take a glorious blue sky. Or a ground covered in lush green grass.

Blue and green notoriously tend to have a positive, calming effect on our minds.

We would do well to take a leaf out of nature’s book (sorry, pun intended😬). There is a whole psychology of colours that can enhance or hinder our work if it has a visual component.

In addition to aesthetics, the sky has its utilitarian purpose: it contains the various layers of gas protecting us from outer space debris and radiation. It also drives our weather.
As for green grass, it serves as forage or shelter for wildlife and through photosynthesis, produces oxygen.

This multi-purpose approach may be too high of a goal to adopt in our humble creations.

But in principle, aiming at creating something that appeals at first but also has deeper value is a good ideal to have.

For example, a catchy melody but also well crafted lyrics, appealing prose and also refreshing plot or story, beautiful art with a message as beautiful, or dish that is very appealing to the eye and delicious.

Now, look at this sunflower. Like most plants, it carries seeds. Very many of them.

Because some will be eaten, some will fall somewhere they can’t grow, for various reasons.

So nature packs them according to the Fibonacci sequence (or golden ratio) so it can fit a maximum of seeds in a minimum of space.

Can we take a moment to appreciate this neatly organised beauty?

But the main point is this: nature does not rely on the one seed. It produces several.

Likewise, why put all our eggs in one basket?
It makes more sense to be as prolific as possible.

Create, create, create. By producing more, we’ll find our golden ratio, become more skillfull, our art more polished and beautiful.

In turn, we’ll be more likely to reap the rewards.

Reflect, redefine, rise!


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