My word for the year 2022

In the last post I explained why I prefer a theme for the year to a resolution. This post is about how I discovered this alternative approach. Often you have a hunch that you can’t quite put into words, until someone who has been down the road long enough, or who is just more articulate than you, enlightens you.So as it’s true of a lot of my epiphanies, this one was fortuitous.


I stumbled accross Maiko Saikai, a business consultant some time in 2020 via her blog (well worth a read) She introduced me to the concept of word of the year. It made sense. It aligned with my personal insights and cherished epiphanies (one of which being focusing on the journey more than the destination) This year, I thought long and hard about what I should choose as a theme then a word came out that I couldn’t shake.

The impact of the pandemic

I’m an explorer of ideas and knowledge, which makes me prone to shiny object syndrome. I can get distracted and jump from shiny concepts to shiny concept without fully assessing and benefitting from each one.But if I intentionally focus, I can become really in the zone. I want more of that in my life!

But let’s face it, with the pandemic, incessant lockdowns and social distancing, we have all been spending more time than ever before online. Even if we mean to do it for educational purposes, it very easily becomes a passive hobby/crutch that does not translate into anything tangible. That’s definitely been true for me. So this year, I’m being intentional in countering this tendency.


Yes, “application” is my theme for 2022.

Let me illustrate why.

Would you be happy knowing everything there is to know about gardening, even being able to advise gardeners and yet having a disgrace of a garden yourself, full of weeds, untended?

Like Voltaire said, we need to tend to our own gardens. So every piece of knowledge I get, I want to apply it in the real world, not just talk the talk but also walk the walk. But here’s the kicker: I want to apply myself at applying knowledge.

I want to take that approach to not only the knowledge I gain this year but the knowledge I already have and apply. I want to bring more intention to what I do so the effects can be amplified.

In other words, this year I’m striving for more active learning, less passive learning. Let’s see where this journey takes me!

P.S: my music journey continues. Check out my latest track for a little tongue in cheek uplift!

Here’s my Spotify.

Reflect, Redefine, Rise!


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