Stop looking for a magic health pill !

I’m a firm believer of mastering the basics (not to be confused with being basic 😆) because forgetting the basics makes us easily misled and misinformed.

It’s already difficult to tell fact from opinion and outright fiction, in this day and age. It’s more and more important to arm ourselves with a good foundation to keep our heads above the proverbial muddy waters.

I don’t know when this trend started but it seems to me that we blindly outsource a lot of our lives and are surprised when things go pear shaped.

Take health for instance. Before the advent of modern pharmacology, people used medicinal herbs to treat various ailments. Granted, it wasn’t always accurate but a lot of the understanding from back then has survived and been refined. So much so that we now don’t hesitate to entrust our lives to health professionals. We come in, explain what we are suffering from and expect to be fixed subsequently.

But that’s misguided. Allowing things to be broken and attempting to put the pieces back never beats avoiding the breakage in the first place. We need a more preventive and holistic approach.

In my experience, when my body has given me signs of an imbalance, it’s very often been a lifestyle issue. Too much stress, poor nutrition, poor sleeping habits, lack of exercise..

Medication, the same as caffeine, sugar, retail therapy will only prop us up momentarily. But a better lifestyle will have a deeper impact.

I have written about how this has been true in my case. I used to suffer from a debilitating disease, deemed incurable. No treatment helped as much as a better lifestyle. You can read more here.

What happens if we rely on things to prop us up, mask symptoms instead of treating the source? We keep spending, never seeing lasting results. Unfortunately, that is the approach of modern medicine in many cases.

A better lifestyle, on the other hand, doesn’t cost much and never disappoints in the long run.

Now of course, I’m no medical expert and I certainly don’t advocate being anti medicine. I salute the devotion and resilience of healthcare professionals especially at this time. We need them. And we should not forget how heroic they were especially during the last pandemic.

I’m just saying that in my case (and the case of some of my friends too), relying purely on medication has not been the panacea. Changing lifestyle has been. A healthy lifestyle is what we need.

I would argue that if more of us fixed our lifestyle, we would be less of a burden on the healthcare system, therefore it would be less likely to collapse of overwhelm.

And notably, a better lifestyle would give us the best chance at life, physically and mentally.

It’s a win/win situation.

This is why I shot the 3 video life changer.Check it out.

It’s inexpensive, straight forward but impactful.

Thank me later.

Reflect, redefine, Rise!


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