Knowing me, knowing you…

This is in response to being nominated for the Brainstorms Award by fellow creative and athlete Erin Westphal. Thank you!

In case it’s your first time here, I’m Rudiano. I started blogging to fulfill an urge to write. But with time it’s evolved into a platform where I explore creativity, productivity. Now to answer the questions I was asked.

What makes you exceptional?

Oh my. That’s a big word! I’d prefer to use unusual. An unusual background shaped me to be a bit unusual I guess.

Mix 2 spoonfuls of fitness, a pinch of armchair philosophy, sprinkled with a love of languages, a splash of music composition. Stir under tropical heat and you get me, Rudiano.

Where is your best spot to brainstorm?

Invariably, in nature. I have a few favourite spots around my town that never fail to inspire.There’s something about a green forest, a blue sky, chattering water and tweeting birds that speak to me.

Tell me about a great idea you had that ended up being a complete flop.

Well, there are so many. Some of which are too recent for me to admit on here 😃

But a long time ago, I launched a blog in Guadeloupean creole (my second language, my first being French). I got crickets but to be honest, I was spreading myself too thin. I was also blogging in French and English too. I guess it was a case of chasing 2 rabbits…(actually 3 😌) and catching none.

What would you tell the teenagers of today?There’s a French saying that literally translates as “you should turn your toungue seven times in your mouth before you speak”.

In this social media age we are vocal way too quickly, embarrass ourselves and do untold damage. Instead we should all (not just teenagers) assess situations with a cool head rather than always react in the heat of the moment.

What was the most important lesson you learned from high (secondary) school?

I used to think I was pretty gifted academically until we moved. I was among the best in my class with no effort beforehand. Not so much afterwards! I realised that being gifted is always relative. There’s always going to be a level that is difficult to reach for you, and someone who makes it look easy (to your utter dismay, might I add).

Don’t believe in your own hype, stay humble and keep working!

Reflect, Redefine, Rise!


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