Hello world! Welcome to Rethink Entrepreneur!

Welcome to Rethinkentrepreneur.com!

If you are  working hard but feel you are  running in a hamster wheel, don’t despair. This is the place for you.

Each week I will provide insights into how to  work smart, not needlessly hard. I will relentlessly question antiquated ways of working and unveil ways to work smart in this 21st century.

By the way, I’m a bit of a personal development geek. I’m also into neuroscience…and music…and dancing…

What can I say, I just love life!

Here’s your first tidbit to chew over, courtesy of AsapScience.


Reflect, Redefine, Rise



Singer, songwriter, content creator, author. Enamored with all things creative. #HustleSustainably #MakeHasteSlowly
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