Essential Ted-Ed viewing (5 clips to make the best use of your brain)

Why are we such an unhappy, unhealthy generation despite having so much more (in all areas including medicine) than ever before?

What would you say? It’s a complex situation requiring a complex answer?

But what if Sherlock Holmes was right? What if it all was “elementary, my dear Watson”?

These Ted-Ed clips illustrate what I believe is the problem with us: We forgot the basics.

Let’s refresh our minds in 5 videos:


Water is brain juice

First and foremost, water is the stuff of life on Earth as a whole but also inside us Earthlings.

Water is crucial for our brain to function properly. But we tend to drink less than we should. We unknowingly walk around dehydrated, and our brain is the first organ to suffer.

The food we put in our body affects our output.

I’m sure you have heard it before. We are what we eat. It’s very important to feed ourselves the right fuel. What we put in affects our output.



 Good sleep is a memory booster

Some may advocate sleeping less and working more. Totally misguided. It does not pay to be a workaholic.  It turns out we need our sleep for much more than beauty.  Good sleep is a memory booster



Exercise helps our brain

We know exercise is good for our physical well-being.  But it can also contribute to our mental, emotional well being.



Playing an instrument beats Sudoku and crosswords

We may think that playing an instrument is just a hobby for those who already have the talent. But it turns out it’s the best brain work out you can find! Playing an instrument beats Sudoku and crosswords!

So, which of the 5 are you missing in your life? Which do you want to add? Comment below!


Reflect, Redefine, Rise!


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