Stop rushing!

I’ve grown up reading fables carrying life lessons. At the time, I just didn’t appreciate the deep meaning in these. Take these 2:

The lion and the mouse.
The tortoise and the hare.

In an age so enamored with becoming number one in record time, I think it’s worth connecting or reconnecting with the lesson therein.

In the lion of the mouse, a mighty lion is captured by hunters. A little mouse that was able to gnaw its way through the ropes breaks the lion free.

In the tortoise and the hare, I’m sure you know, slow and steady ended up winning the race.

In each case, neither being the strongest or the quickest brought success.

I wish I understood this before. I wouldn’t have spent so much time trying to be a hare or a lion and collecting unnecessary scars.

Some experience with rushing

At school, I was the shortest of my class for a long time. So I took up exercise, then bodybuilding to look imposing as soon as possible . But I was reckless with my training. Got myself a shoulder and a knee injury as a result. And no, I didn’t get huge, just in shape 😅. As it turns out, it takes years of consistency to build an exceptional physique.

I got myself some metaphorical scars too. I tried to emulate all the success-preaching gurus for a time. I became somewhat of a personal development junkie.
But I soon got discouraged for various reasons, one of which is because results weren’t showing soon enough.

Another perspective

Thankfully, after much failing, I changed my tack.
What if I distanced myself from the results I’m looking for, and just try to fall in love with the process? Whatever results I get would be a bonus.
It worked. In time I became buff (if I say so myself), published an ebook, an online course, recorded and released a few songs.

That’s not because I suddenly cracked the code to becoming a productive powerhouse one day, but because I did a few things and stuck to them over time. It didn’t make a notable difference for weeks, maybe months, but eventually the results compounded and became undeniable.

That’s where this motto of mine came from: “Journey first, results second”

That approach has helped my social media presence to multiply after being stuck for years. I am showing up daily. My blog has benefited too. This year I have been posting weekly. My readership is growing as a result.


We buy into the illusion of becoming a lion and a hare at the same time (we want to become exceptional, like yesterday 😂) and end up frustrated when reality doesn’t match our expectations.

Don’t believe the hype. Great things take time.

I’m able to accomplish so much more by focusing on following the process rather than on how long it takes to get the results I’m after.

That’s my wish for you too.
Whether you are writing a book, running a business, a blog or anything else requiring long term efforts, concern yourself with your journey. Aim to be your best.

Make your journey as interesting and fulfilling as you can, make it your goal. Find ways to fall in love with the process.

Reflect, Redefine, Rise!


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