3 Videos to Help You to Crank out your A game

New day, new week and new month! I thought I would share with you 3 videos that can make a huge difference to your life as they have mine. This is my gift to you, to help you have a brilliant week, month, year! They are 20 minutes long each so you might want to schedule some time to watch them, re-watch them, ponder (and make notes).

A healthy lifestyle = a healthy brain

Daniel Amen MD explains the correlation between diet, sleep, exercise, environment and thinking habits. All these factors play an essential part in slowing down the brain’s aging process and getting the most out of  it.

My biggest takeaway: neuroplasticity makes it possible for your brain’s functions to improve if you have a healthy lifestyle.


Why it’s hard to preserve your mental faculties under pressure

Dr Alan Watkins demonstrates what happens to your breathing and your brain when you are facing a challenge and what stands in the way of being brilliant every single day.

My biggest takeaway: Forget about taking a few deep breaths before a daunting task.  It’s breathing smoothly and focusing on it that will help you keep your calm.


Rhythmic breathing is the key. Dr Watkins  details the simple method to follow to  prevent brain shutdown under pressure.

My biggest takeaway: controlled, rhythmic breathing  is the most effective and simple way to keep in control of your brain when under pressure. It prevents your heart rate from becoming chaotic and in turn keeps your brain functioning normally.

Have a great week!

Reflect,  Redefine Rise.


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