Chronological snobbery

Has this been the underlying philosophy of this age?

The beliefs and patterns from the past are systematically being misrepresented or vilified rather than reflected upon. That’s chronological snobbery.

We have a great many things figured out nowadays but I fear that in some aspects we’ve gone backwards, trying to fix what’s not broken.

Here’s a few concepts we are attacking, wrongly.

Who’s the man?

An idea as simple as gender is now a confusing concept. Which one are you? Man? Woman? Or something else?

We used to intuitively be able to tell a woman from a man, usually even from their figure. We never knew any extra gender.

Biologically, a man has a X and Y chromosome. A woman has 2 X’s. This difference not only manifests in the development of different reproductive sexual organs, but in a plethora of other traits, including bone structure… and strength.

But nowadays it feels like a crime to even point this biological fact out. The lines are blurred and it just creates cognitive dissonance, to say the least.

Now, if I am born male, but identify as female, how far can I go to make the physical changes? Biologically, no amount of surgery and hormones can change my DNA. I can only change superficially. I’d most likely keep my strength for example.

Nothing would stop me, however, from competing against women in sports, capitalizing on my physical advantage. If you follow the news, you know that this scenario has played out.

Who’s the man again?

An other narrative that I see: Women being encouraged to show masculine traits and men being encouraged to get in touch with their femininity.

Women had to adapt and become more assertive in a male dominated workforce. This is an ongoing battle.

Men have been encouraged to be nurturing, not just tough.
I understand the need for balance. I believe in being as well-rounded as possible.

But men and women naturally bring different things to the table in their private life. The difference is what makes us a good team.
Trying to force uniformity among the sexes prevents us from connecting with, let alone playing to our innate strengths.

Essentially, we are trying to make men feminine and women masculine. It may work on the surface. But behind closed doors, it doesn’t.

Which leads me to a trendy thing a woman says nowadays that I don’t quite understand.

“I want a man, but I don’t need one”

Frankly, I take ombrage to that. But putting aside how I feel, this statement just works against society.

It boils down to this: without the combination of Yin and Yang, male and female, there is no procreation, society soon collapses.

Of course we aren’t all obliged to have progeny. But we need each other.

Regrettably, I see thinly veiled misandry and misogyny being celebrated. How can we work together if we love to hate each other?

Which leads me to the last concept being attacked.

Family, the backbone of society?

The traditional, nuclear family unit is in decline. Lone parent families are on the rise.
The resulting instability does not benefit children in the long run. I can attest to this, having been raised partly by a single mum and relatives.

I have a few issues I have to work through as a result. I have only fairly recently realized how my familial background has compromised my romantic relationships.

My mum did not intend to raise me on her own. Her husband decided to cheat.

But when I see women intending to raise children on their own from the start, just looking for a sperm donor as it were, I can’t help but question their thinking process.

Why would you choose to bring up a child in less than the best possible setting for it to thrive? Just because you want one? How about the child’s needs? Do you have what it takes to make it blossom into a responsible contributing adult?
Do you have both the Yin and the Yang? The love and the discipline, the nurturing side and the tough side?
Last of all, do you have the energy to be all hands on deck every day for the next 18 years at least?
It’s quite tough even for 2 parents. How can it be easier for one?

If as a society, baby mamas and baby daddies become the norm, I fear for what kind of people we are becoming.


I’m not saying things were always better before. Of course not. Oppression based on sex, class, race etc…was at a time unashamedly practiced. What was deemed scientific knowledge a few centuries ago has now been revealed as grossly inaccurate at best, debunked as myth at worse.

However, to quote C.S Lewis who coined the term “chronological snobbery”

“Every age has its own outlook. It is especially good at seeing certain truths and especially liable to make certain mistakes”

C.S Lewis

Let’s not be quick to discard the truisms of yesterday. Family matters. Women matter. Men matter. We need to pull together, not apart.


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