Brains VS Brawn – What exercise does to your brain

Brains VS Brawn

I’m sure you’ve heard it suggested or even explained with great conviction that in life you have to choose between the two. You may have heard that brawns particularly are cultivated at the expense of brains.

It maybe that this was based on the anecdotal evidence that some sporting personalities seem to excell at their discipline but are quite inarticulate and show poor judgement in other areas of their life.

The truth is, however, that regular exercise is actually beneficial for the brain.

Science-based evidence  is showing that exercise and cognition go hand in hand. Exercise rewires the brain, is good for creativity, productivity, learning, decision making, even helps combat depression.

There is also mounting evidence that exercising at the start of the day puts you in peak state for the rest of it. Of course, you have to use this to your advantage, channel the energy toward something else than just getting and staying fit. Otherwise you may well end up like the aforementionned sports personalities…Sorry!

Wherever daily exercise was introduced in schools, academic achievements increased.

Can you imagine what daily exercise could do for your life, your business?

Dr John Ratey explains his findings in his book “Spark” and in this clip.

Reflect, Redefine, Rise!


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