A physics-based philosophy for success

Let me start with this disclaimer: although this post is science-based, I’m not a scientist. I just like to observe and identify patterns to apply in life.

I usually base my musings on nature in general but this time I turned my attention to 3 laws of thermodynamics specifically.

So what are the patterns laid bare by the laws of thermodynamics?

1) Be protective of your energy

The zeroth law of thermodynamics (the reason it’s called “zeroth” instead of “first” is peculiar, but that’s beside the point) AKA the law of thermal equilibrium. It stipulates that objects in close proximity will approach the same temperature.

The hotter object(s) will cool down, the colder one(s) will heat up, until they all reach an average temperature, the equilibrium.

The same law applies to the energy we bring in from our relationships, especially the close ones.We tend to mirror the traits of the ones we interact with, online and offline.We are a product of our environment.

If we want to become more creative, productive, happy, or anything else, it makes sense to interact more with people of that ilk.

If we are not intentional in choosing who we interact with, we will tend to take on unwanted characteristics without realising it.

In a time full of outrage, woketivism and keyboard warriors, there’s a wide array of negative energy to consume. If we feed off it, it will eventually change us. All this negativity breeds misery. If you’re like me, misery is not good fuel for you. It drains your energy.

Safeguard your heart. Don’t allow it to be poisoned. Be selective with who you interact with long term. Seek empowerment, interact more with those who boost your energy.

2) A different view of “wasted time”

The first law of thermodynamics AKA the law of conservation stipulates that energy is neither created or destroyed.

It can only be transferred.This means no energy truly disappears. It just takes different forms.

We may have been putting our energy into our passion, work, project and expected a specific return that we have not seen. But before giving up, it’s good to take stock.

There likely has been unexpected results: expansion of our network, of our skillset, or even just more joy.

Don’t be so quick to label it time wasted. Slow down if you must, but don’t be quick to quit. It takes time to build momentum and we tend to be impatient. Things usually take longer than we expect to come to fruition.

And even if we fail to get the expected outcome, we would have grown in experience.

3) No success is on autopilot

The second law of thermodynamics AKA entropy stipulates that, left to its own devices, order descends into chaos.

We can’t expect to level up or even maintain the status quo with absolutely no work.Once momentum is built, we need less effort to keep the ball rolling but we should not take our eye off the ball (pun intended 😬)

That’s not being negative, that’s being realistic. Order needs to be maintained.Don’t let anyone fool you. Success on autopilot is an illusion, just as perpetual motion is an illusion. There’s always some force being used to keep things going.

We all have to put in some effort even if it’s to maintain a certain level in life. If no work is done, things eventually grind to a halt.

So expect to keep working. Seek inspiration and support. What you put in, you get out. Our work, our art, our own selves are an ongoing process. Effort is part and parcel of our lives. The more at peace we are with this, the further we can go.

Reflect, redefine, rise!


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