Why you should learn an instrument

What do Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo and Galileo Galilei have in common?

Yes, they are considered to be great thinkers, inventors, artists, ahead of their time maybe. But what else?

They all played an instrument.

It was part of the Renaissance Man ideal that they did. A learned man then was expected to be a polymath, well versed in several subjects instead of having one speciality and therefore be narrow in his view.

It could well be that the breadth of their knowledge facilitated their creative genius. They could make more connections because they had a much bigger picture to work with. Thus they were instrumental in shaping the modern world.
As I wrote a long time ago,in this post, I don’t believe there are real novel ideas. New ideas are just improvements (or not, as the case may be) on pre-existing ideas.

Anyway, now we have the science explaining what happens when you play an instrument. It turns out it can help in business and life in general.

Watch this Ted-Ed clip to learn more!


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