There’s no app for being the best you.

I had a conversation with a software developer friend of mine some time ago. He was looking to designing an app and I gave him a few of my ideas.

A pattern emerged while we were talking: I want everything to be simple and straight forward.

It’s not a bad thing per SE. In fact it’s a desirable thing. Making products easier to use for end users. Developing systems so the work can be easily managed, better organised, easier to teach and hand over.

Simplicity is a desirable trait but knowledge is power

The problem is someone has to deal with the complexity and make it simpler. That person has all the knowledge…And knowledge is power. S/he can then wield it as s/he pleases, give it a spin to suit his/her ends or sweep it under the carpet without the rest knowing.

That is what happens with history for example.

“History is written by the victors” goes the adage. Many peoples were enslaved in the past, by nations who exploited them and rose to riches and power. These profiteering nations are now shining beacons on the world scene, flying the ethical and moral flag.The past was forgotten and rewritten.


Here’s a Ted-Ed clip illustrating this.

And this trend continues.

History repeats itself. Only in more subtle ways. Nowadays we are exploited in another way. We are conditioned to line pockets. We are fed consumerism, materialism, hedonism, patriotism, all sorts of ideologies that rob us of truth, progress, control and true happiness.

But we can take back control. Start a revolution with ourselves. Break the shackles of the mental prison. Gain knowledge, reflect, draw our conclusions, apply what truly matters. We can step out of automatic pilot, detach ourselves from borrowed beliefs and live our true selves.

There is no app to make you more you

There is no app for that. An app attempting to do that would fail, in my opinion.


So as days turn into weeks, weeks into months and months into years, let us stop outsourcing our values, our well being, our beliefs, our lives to others. Let’s take charge. Get informed. Act on what we know.

I have posted on the following and more. So whether your next goal is:

There is food for thought on And if what you need is a push, try the 3-Video Life changer.

The 3 Video Life Changer

It’s my gift to you (and to me, as I will be applying my own advice!) for reading this far!

Reflect, Redefine, Rise!