The “Updated or Outdated” quiz


Are you outdated or updated in your thinking?

Is your knowledge about productivity,  creativity and entrepreneurship helping your results or hampering them?

Take the quiz then prepare to have 5 common myths in the aforementionned fields busted in front of your eyes in the course of the  next few weeks.

But for now…

5 questions, 5 minutes!


Enter your name and email below so I can send you your score and the link where the first myth is debunked.

Outdated or updated?



1) There are a few well-guarded secrets to success. If you get hold of them, nothing can beat you.

2) Too much to do, too little time. Do you...
3) You're working on a creative project but feel uninspired today. You...

4) You want to start your own business. You...

5) You have the right idea at the right time and you are about to unleash it to the world. This spells out overnight success!

- Outdated or updated?
- July 31st 2016

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