Scattered or Focused?

I have always disliked distractions. I am infamous for not always picking up the phone. This became worse after I worked for a call centre, because the experience rammed down my throat how interruptions were detrimental to my productivity.

As it turns out, some interruptions I still invite without even realising it. It’s insidious…

Here’s what I mean in moving pictures, courtesy of Epipheo.


Reflect, Redefine, Rise!


  • Christel

    I enjoyed reading few of your posts! Well done Ruddy! Continue to blog! Très très bon!

    • Merci Christel! This is only the beginning!

  • Oumou Gueye

    Thank you for this blog. It is a good reminder for us to switch off (the screens) and switch on our brains.

    • Ruddy

      Thanks Oumou! I couldn’t say it better 😉