I’m a dabbler. I love creating.

My name is Ruddy (pronounce “Rudi”) Fiano but I prefer to go by Rudiano. Much simpler, right?

I’m a dabbler. I love creating. Whether it be songs, fiction, non-fiction, comedy, dance moves…I have too many interests to list here.

Maybe that’s because of my unusual background. Born in France, grew up in Guadeloupe, French West Indies and entered work life in the UK in my 20’s.

Society squeezes us in a mold that is starving our soul, creativity, productivity and potential.

Since being disillusioned with the way the corporate world works, (in 2010 particularly, when it got to me so much that my health plummeted), I have been exploring productivity, creativity and entrepreneurship. I have used my own experience working across several industries, (as an employee as well as self-employed) and brain science as reflection fodder.

What I came to realise is that we need to rethink our approach to work, health and self.

Society squeezes us in an antiquated mould that is starving our soul, creativity, productivity and potential.

It’s not just ideologically stifling. It’s plain and simply short-sighted at best, and dangerous in the long term at worst.

You’d be amazed. You can visit the “myth busting” section on the right to sample some of the things that we have stubbornly been doing wrong for decades!

I share my insights here on rethinkentrepreneur.com and in my online course platform https://rethinkacademy.zenler.com/intro


Rethink Entrepreneur and Rethink Academy are where I share what I have learned and figured out thus far!

My aim is to make the best out of my brain, be more productive, creative and entrepreneurial. And hopefully help you do the same.

Let’s embark on the journey together!

Feel free to say hi in the comments below, tell me who you are and what brings you here 😉

Reflect, Redefine and Rise with me!



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