5 myths stopping you from being a productive creative powerhouse

five myths

There was a time when I thought all wealthy people had to be dishonest or inhumane.

Rewind time further back and I thought the day I could afford to run a car, I’d definitely be well off.

Rewind time even further and you’d  discover that  I thought girls fell pregnant after eating a specific diet! Gasp. Thanks Aunty.

Myths seem to follow us all our lives, taking more sophisticated forms to con us!

If you’re not a productive, creative powerhouse, it might be that these 5 particular myths have been playing you. I know they keep playing me (I have to remind myself regularly). Here they are! Continue reading

Why gratitude is your best ally


New day, new week, new month. January is over. How are you doing with crafting your 2015 into a game changer?

Personally I’ve been reflecting, as usual, and decided to change focus. It’s good to learn, explore and reflect. But action on the knowledge gathered is the game changer. It’s  the difference between a black and white TV and full HD colour one. No scrap that, it’s  the difference between  a black and white cathodic TV and a plasma HD 3D TV. So that’s going to be my overall theme for this year : Action over contemplation.

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How to deal with information overload in 3 steps


Knowledge isn’t power. Not exactly.  No, this isn’t a typo. No I’m not being controversial. Let me explain.

In my youth, I hated Maths. So a few years after I left school, I felt the need to brush up on my Maths skills. I read the book Mathematics for adults  by Graham Lawler (2005). In his preface he predicted that there would be an economic crisis soon. Continue reading

How to be positive in a cynical world


Your  teachers insist that you get that degree to ensure you get a good job. There is no other way, they say.  Your family and friends are telling you why you can’t suceeed at this passion project you have.  TV programmes tell you how the rich are getting richer, the poor poorer and convince you you are completely helpless in the process.Your colleagues are discussing the boss’s foibles and why the company is doomed. 

What makes us believe these things? What gives them the ring of truth? Could we be wrong? The truth is that we are all conditionned to think what we think.

Let’s deconstruct this and see how you can take more charge of what is happening in your mind.

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Resolutions: why they fail and what to do about it


“Sorry, I was taking you home!”
I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve said that. Maybe you know what I’m talking about here. In case you don’t, let me explain, nothing dodgy here.

This normally happens when I’m giving a friend a ride. Next thing you know, we’re deep in conversation and I’ve switched to automatic pilot. I’m driving to mine instead of my friend’s!
I bet this has happened to you. In more ways than one (even if you don’t  drive!)

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5 tools to work smart, not hard


Your brain is incredibly fast.

It has been estimated to process 200 million billion bits of data per second!


No matter how fast a reader you are, while your eyes are following each word, your brain makes sense of it, as well as countless other cues in your environment. You’re probably not even aware of it. Smells, sounds, movement around you…

Unfortunately, in this day and age we’re not encouraged to make the most of this powerful  machine. We follow the crowd, existing instead of living, surviving instead of thriving. We end up working hard, but not smart. We’re exhausted but have little to show for it.

Here’s 5 tools to change this.

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Why is change so hard: in 3 videos


Can you believe it? 2015 is here, knocking at the door.

Do you want it to be the same as 2014? I bet you want some change.

We all want progress.  This is the idea behind new year resolutions.

It’s certainly a good start. To have any progress in our life, the best thing is to articulate the changes we want into one or more specific(s)  goal(s). Just thinking vaguely about changes will not bring them about. We will forget them in an instant. Just the same as we won’t  retain information by reading it once in a hurry.
We may resolve to go regularly to the gym, to start eating healthy, replace some bad habit with a good one,start our own business, etc… But then… Continue reading

3 reasons why struggle is good news

convenience v struggle

Yes, I’m back! And yes, struggle is good news. Most of the time. This might sound a crazy thing to say in a day and age when convenience is all the rage. We are accustomed to being able to do pretty much everything easily, from the comfort of our home if we want to: shopping (grocery or otherwise), learning (Online courses or…Google or Youtube! ), communicating (snail mail is out, email and social media are in), even working.


The danger with all this comfort is that before long, we may develop an aversion to struggle. We may subconsciously equate struggle with failure.  But here are 3 reasons  why struggle is actually  our friend.


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How to turbocharge yourself in 3 steps


Do you relate? Your company has gained new clients, with their different quirks and demands you are trying to get to grips with. There’s also new staff to train. Workload seems to have doubled. Morale at the office is at an all time low.

That’s where I was at a few years back. Snowed under, my environment out of control, feeling helpless. I had to level up, turbocharge myself.

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